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Agave Tequilana Seeds

Agave Tequilana Seeds
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Our Agave tequilana (Tequila Agave) seeds are usually harvest this year or the year before. This guarantees a very good quality and a high germination rate (80%) when properly used.

Agave (uh-GAH-vay) plants resemble spiky spheres with long, thick, fleshy leaves growing in a rosette pattern. They range from a few inches to more than 12 feet in diameter. Agave are sometimes confused with cacti or succulents, but they belong to their own family called Agavaceae.

With only a few exceptions, Agave plants flower only once, after which they die. Their English common name, "century plant", comes from the mistaken belief that the plant grows for 100 years before flowering. In truth, smaller Agave species may flower after only 3–4 years, while larger species may take 40–50 years. The flowers grow on a single large stalk that sprouts out of the middle of the plant and may grow up to 15 feet tall.

Agave are native to Central and North America. They are found from Alberta, Canada in the north to Venezuela and Columbia in the south,1 but grow best at 4000–8000 feet above sea level. Experts seem to disagree on exactly how many species of Agave exist, but there are over 130 that grow in Mexico alone.1,2,3

In the Náhuatl language of the Aztec, the Agave plant was known as metl or mexcalmetl, the latter being the origin of the word mezcal. The term maguey (mah-GAY)-- believed to have originated in the Greater Antilles but introduced into Mexico by the Spanish--is still the common name used throughout Mexico today.4

Agave, like hemp, is touted as a "miracle plant" for its many uses. Its fibers were used by the Aztec to make clothing, rope, and other textiles; it was a source of food, water, intoxicating beverage, medicine, soap, glue, paper, and thread; its leaves were used in roofs and fences; and its spines were turned into weapons, tools, and sewing needles.5

Because of its utility, Agave holds a place of esteem in traditional Mexican culture. Baron Alexander von Humboldt, a Prussian explorer and naturalist of the early nineteenth century, described maguey as "the most useful of all the crops that nature has granted the people of North America", and Linnaeus granted it the Latin name "Agave" meaning "admirable" or "noble
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