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Psilocybe Pajateros - Giant Psilocybe Tampanensis

Deze enorme psilocybe tampanensis « Pajateros » is de Big Boss van de truffels. Vergeleken met de andere soorten is dit een echt reus. De sclerotia van deze magic mushroom, afkomstig uit Guatemala, worden veel groter als de truffels waaraan wij gewend zijn. Daarom dus geen kleine hoeveelheden. Nodig je vrienden uit en maak er een magische Truffelparty van !


De effecten beginnen 30 tot 45 minuten nadat de truffels zijn geconsumeerd. Ervaar een overweldigend gevoel van euforie, nabijheid, empathie en creativiteit. Het is ook heel gewoon om sterke visuele hallucinaties, een aangename body high en lachbuien te ervaren.


5 gr
7,5 gr
10 gr


Na ongeveer 30 minuten laten deze truffels van zich voelen en vertrek je op je ervaring. De volgende 4 tot 6 uur voel je je magisch.


Eet de sclerotia op of zet er thee van. Altijd op een lege maag innemen. Goed kauwen verbetert de werking. Gebruik ze in een rustige en vertrouwde omgeving. Gebruik de eerste keer niet meer dan een halve dosering.Voor het beste resultaat wordt aanbevolen dat je niets eet in de twee tot drie uur voorafgaand aan het verbruik. OPSLAG:Verse truffels moeten in de koelkast worden bewaard tussen 2 en maximaal 3 weken. Als u ze langer wilt bewaren, moet u ze drogen. Na het drogen van je truffels kun je ze tot 6 maanden bewaren in een gesloten doos/zak op een koele, droge plaats.


Dit product is niet geschikt voor jongeren t/m 18 jaar. Raadpleeg voor gebruik uw dokter indien u zwanger bent, borstvoeding geeft of medicijnen gebruikt. Aanbevolen dosering niet overschrijden. Niet gebruiken in combinatie met alcohol. Overmatig gebruik kan de rijvaardigheid beïnvloeden. Niet gebruiken wanneer u antidepressiva neemt. Niet gebruiken indien u aan een psychose lijdt of hiervoor aanleg heeft. Gezondheid Disclaimer
Wij versturen dit product niet naar de volgende landen:
Finland , Germany , Norway , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

Beoordelingen Psilocybe Pajateros - Giant Psilocybe Tampanensis Deel je ervaring


50g...4 people (2 french and 2 irish)...alcool(bier and cider) and weed before and after to have drinking mushroom... infusion in hot water...lot of chocolate in the table for have a eating sensation...big playlist in the laptop(the doors, archive, beethoven, M, guns roses, massive attack,...) with a big bass sound... i've already testing other mushroom (mexican, equatoria,...), but i've with this my better trip... 1 long travel...6 hours...! i've loving...really... maybe it's a real world... ;) good trip, see u in this dream!


I took 15 grams of this mushroom at 3pm, after fasting for 24 hours (am also a full-time vegan), arranged my appartment, candles, incense and had a best friend to sit for me. So I did the whole, dare I say clichéed shabang...... and was it worth it!! Holy smoke it was!! Amazing, religious (though no in the formal religion sense) experience. I simply flowed with the dao! (another cliché - I am sorry) - Reached a state of pure consciousness,where my imagination was given free reign. I visited indescribable places and felt feelings I never knew existed. Mental unending mind orgasms, great enlightening moments of clarity and new understanding.

Ladies and gentlemen. This is the way to do it. The magic of the mushroom is what comes from the mind, the consciousness. It's an event to behold with focus purely on the internal mind/soul. Don't take mushrooms and go to a party/disco or even out in the woods. It's a key to opening one's mind and oh my god, with a humble and accepting, but courageous, mind this mushroom takes you to universes beyond anything you can imagine and certainly more wondrous than can be found in the world of the 10.000 things.....

Hard to describe - impossible to. Needs to be experienced - Life changing! xx

I already knew Shayanashop was a reliable shipper, once I had tried Atlantis, so there, no complaints, super fast shipping and everything in order.

With these ones it was a completely different story when compared to Atlantis. Regarding these, I had read several different reviews on the strength and effects of these stones. Very polarizing reviews, some saying it was as strong or less than Atlantis, others reporting a mind-blowing trip.

Well, me and 2 other friends took 15g plus 1~2g of Atlantis on an empty stomach (we had already done similar doses of Atlantis before). We were outside (in a corn field) and 15mins in I looked to my friend and shook my head...he just nodded in agreement and I said "We need to go home" "Yeah!"- he replied. 5mins later I started having strong visuals, and getting home was a very hard battle that seemed to last ages, when it took approx 10mins (to make things worse, this was at a really quiet village, but unfortunately as we were in the corn fields, the square next to the church which is across my house was filled with kids running and playing "You are it" and hide and seek and passing through there felt like being in a world war, brain only accepting inputs of negative things as the village dogs barking; the sounds of the steps; distorting the children's laughters into horrifying screeches, and amplifying the sound of the nearby woods where people were cleaning the forest using chainsaws...very nightmarish, but as soon as I got past my house's door, I sighed in happiness/relaxation).

As I got home I went to my bed and stayed there for the next 3h30~4h. I was having a very strong psychological trip. Making it short, it was great at this point, only those 10mins to get home were terrifying.

My friends reported similar trips, one of them saying he just stayed those 3h in the couch crouched with his sunglasses on.

All in all, we completely overshot our expectations (we wanted something visual but not so psychological).

So, I guess I am one of those reporting a strong trip on these when compared to similar Atlantis quantities.

Thanks Shayana though! :)


It's very easy to eat and tastes good. Just 5g., It is enough to make you. The light and in the vast palace guard. Value for money.
เป็นเห็ดที่กินง่ายมาก รสชาติดี เพียง5กรัมก็เพียงพอที่จะได้พบกับอีกขั้นของความสุข ตาลาย แสงสีพรั่งพรู กินแล้วรู้สึกดี สนุกไม่ว่าจะทำอะไร รอเวลาออกฤทธิ์30นาที อยู่นาน3ชั่วโมง
มันเยี่ยมมาก คุ้มที่จะซื้อ รับรอง

I spent the day between being a mollusc in a bath, at one with the primordial ooze and walking to the top of a hill with an ancient Irish stone circle feeling connected to the timeless worship of the Gods of the Earth and Sky.

20g dose in Ginger Tea.


Profoundly peaceful experience with my lady

Dude this thing is big! Made me and friends have a magical time. Id tried different types of truffles to different results. This was one of the good ones!

I had an out of body experience that was awesome. This has my thumbs up!


Very good effect, very bad taste (in a strange way: it doesnt have a hard flavour but it makes you produce a lot more saliva so you taste this raw-hazelnut like thing. ): Be sure to handle something to drink and don't eat a lot of it togheter, wait and chew as it's needed . Though, a lot of visual, color, bliss and peace sensations. Very Very good shayana! <3

WOW! From London UK BABY!! This sh*t frikkin rocks! Luv you guys to the skies.
x x


Me and my brother took 15g each on a full moon. There where planes flying with beams coming out of them, auras around the moon and trees moving around. It was like being in a dream. But after a while we started to get paranoid and the trip turned bad...
But overall great

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