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Your quest for bigger flowers used to be predictably frustrating…until now.
Because now there's an ultra-premium comprehensive bloom fertilizer called Connoisseur, and it's guaranteed to deliver bigger flowers than you've ever thought possible.

Now that Connoisseur is available, you've got the newest, most productive way to feed your crops to get bigger flowers.

Because Connoisseur is the powerful two-part ultra-premium hydroponic nutrients formula that makes your flowers swell up like they're on steroids.
What's more, it's the only bloom fertilizer that changes the way your flowers develop, add potency, and ripen.

Connoisseur is the only two-part, ultra-premium hydroponic nutrients bloom phase formula that changes the way your plants produce flowers. Because of its unique ingredients, Connoisseur re-engineers bloom phase so your plants hit peak bloom earlier, add more resins and weight, and yet are ready for harvest in the same amount of time as always.

When you're using Connoisseur, you'll blink your eyes a few times wondering if you're seeing correctly. Instead of witnessing the usual flower development process you're used to, you'll notice your flowers are growing bigger and more succulent faster, especially during the peak weeks of bloom phase.

One thing to remember is that during the "normal" flower development that you're used to, your flowers go through a predictable cycle as follows: flowers form for about two weeks, add weight and potency for about four weeks, and then stop growing.

After that, your flowers' potency and quality sharply and quickly decline (the timing of this cycle varies, depending on the types of plants you're growing).

Using Connoisseur, you control your plants' flower-making processes and change the way they form flowers.

To start with, Connoisseur makes your flowers develop faster and better in their initial growth phase. This means they'll start adding potency and quality earlier. They gain extra time during the phase when they add weight and potency. But here's the really good news: they don't spend longer in bloom phase, so your crop cycles are the same length as before.

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