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Justfog Q16 Starter Kit

Considered one of the best e-liquid vaporizers on the market, the JustFog Q16 Starter Kit combines high performance, total safety and portablility to provide everything you need for an enjoyable vaping experience at home or on the go. The perfect compliment to your premium vaping blend collection.

• All in one kit suitable for starters or experienced users
• 8 level variable voltage
• Anti-leakage Starshield system
• Defect free, smooth Stainless Air Ring system
• Easy Power ON/OFF function
• Small, portable and lightly designed battery
• Colors: Black or Silver


JustFog Starter Kit vaporizer is designed to be used with e-liquids.

• For optimal vaping experience please maintain 4.0 - 4.2 Volt.
• Voltages below 4.0 will vape the active ingredient less efficient.
• Voltages above 4.2 will vape the active ingredient more efficient but there is a bigger chance of 'burning your coil'.
• Before first use fill the clearomizer and wait for about 2 minutes before using the device. The coil should get soaked with the liquid, otherwise you will burn the coil.
• We suggest inhaling through the clearomizer when the device is OFF, so the airflow will suck the liquid into the coil. Put the device (standing upwards) on the table and let gravity do its work (2 minutes). Now you can turn the device ON and enjoy vaping.
• The coil will last for around 1-2 weeks (depending on use) before replacing with a new coil.

1. Assemble the coil cylinder which is packed separetly in the package.
2. Hold the clearomizer upside down and fill the e-liquid.
3. Close the bottom cap of the clearomizer firmly.
4. Connect the clearomizer to the battery and use the device
5. Charge the battery before the device goes completely out of battery.

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It was time for them to understand that the other pen vaporizer was not adequate for this liquid. It's the best way to buy it as if you buy only the bottle is too expensive as it has only 8ml. with the bad quality vape pen from the promotion before I couldn't appreciate propperly the vape as well as the bluethooth didn't work. Bur justice must be made as I had a small problem with the liquid flasc and shayanna replaced it imeduately, nice sevive. Hope this JustFog Q16 Starter Kit is better than the other and I am gonna try one as the liquid is superb, but must be vaped in optimal conditions.

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