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Dutch Royale Collection

Nu kun je gedurende een beperkte tijd genieten van een voorproefje van elke Dutch Royale supreme blend tegen een speciale gereduceerde prijs!

DUTCH ROYALE Sample Pack bevat:
Platinum (1gr) + Suave (1gr) + Imperial (1gr)

DUTCH ROYALE Variety Pack omvat:
Platinum (3gr) + Suave (3gr) + Imperial (3gr)
Wij versturen dit product niet naar de volgende landen:
Austria , Germany , Norway , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

Beoordelingen Dutch Royale Collection Deel je ervaring


Even better than regular blends, Especially imperial, Very good feeling and smells like freshly brewed chamomile


Very nice and smokable blends! Bravo Shayana team
Suave is lighter and energetic, better for during the day, has a really nice smell and tastes almost like good skunk, but one does not want to overdo with it to taste it better (use with tobacco joints). Platinum packs a nice punch, a bit stronger than Suave and with a nice taste and smell which is hard for me to describe. Imperial tastes almost like chocolate, and is hitting like advertised, all three blends do.
I needed 2-3 weeks to properly taste and feel the effects to know what doses work best for me. And since I started to use my mg scale to weigh the doses properly I get even more satisfaction, without putting too much or too little.
Needless to say that I will be back for more!
Packaging and tracked shipping 5/5!
Support 5/5!
Cheers Shayana ;)

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