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Yopo - Anadenanthera Peregrina

De zwarte bonen van deze bomen worden geroosterd, verpulverd en gemengd om een psychedelisch snuifmiddel te maken. De Indianen in Colombia en het zuidelijke deel van de Braziliaanse Amazone geven het de naam Yopo. Yopo wordt in je neusgaten geblazen met een bamboestok. De bomen groeien in open gebieden, de blaadjes, de schors en de zaadjes bevatten DMT, 5-MeO-DMT.


Als je het snuift, beleef je een korte maar een intense DMT-ervaring. Als je het rookt, dan lijken de effecten erg op die van DMT wanneer dit puur gerookt wordt. DMT is een fantastisch hallucinerend middel, dat maar gedurende enkele seconden zijn hoogtepunt bereikt.


Yopo wordt gesnoven, daardoor komt de DMT rechtstreeks in het bloed.


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Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

Beoordelingen Yopo - Anadenanthera Peregrina Deel je ervaring


wauw! toast one until it pops and smoke the green inside. strong weird smoke with heavy (but short) effect!


I smoked -/+ 0.5 g of prepaired YOPO mixed with PSYCHOTRIA VIRIDRIS (CHACRUNA) in my bong and I only have to say...try it yourself. it´s intense, it´s pure and I can notice that my body doesn´t reject the substance, as in other kinds of psichotropics.
note of advice: it´s best to be confortably sited and in silence

yopo from shayanashop was an highquality beans, the diagonal of one bean was about 1cm. often hapens that selfgrown or northern cohoba beans are 3-5mm from an diagonal. an clean product which was not suffered from smuggling, smuggled product you often have to clean with sonar washing machine, ultravoice machine, to kill bachterians and virusses, but there still might be heavymetalatoms in them, magnetisme. the usage experience was soft tripping, depending what you ate, chili or peppered food boosts an heat at usage, piperdine cooler. i used it with ayahuasca, with viridis leafs and becanum harmala seeds. i like to eat yopo, chew it as cocaleafs, even thou its very green taste, just as strong lettuce, but the eated trip is more lasting and deeper. good product, with cacaooil.


preparing the yopo for snorting right is very important,after roasting and grinding the seeds base must be added to turn dmt:s in their freebase form,so they can enter bloodstream better.natives used ashes and chalk for this.i used baking soda with good results 3 part yopo to 1 parts soda.

very expensive these seeds are,comparing to prices of other vendors,but so far only ones i have obtained that really work well.Good 5-meo-dmt experience with small amount!I highly recommend taking and MAOi before snorting/smoking.

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