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The next generation of psychedelic sensation has arrived! BongBastic is proud to present N3xus, an amazing new cleaner which combines the dreamwave euphoria of popular products like Mollium and Iridium to produce an unforgettable, mind-blowing experience.


Waves of euphoria, floating relaxing sensation, intense colorful visuals (intensity depends on dosage)


Light: 0,5 - 0,5 pill
Medium: 1 pill
Strong: 1,5 pill


Best if experienced in a good mood with great company in an environment that is both happy and relaxing.


4-8 hours


2C-B-FLY (12mg)


Niet geschikt voor menselijke consumptie.

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I was taken by surprise... I had something resembling an acid trip, which I wasn't expecting at all. But then I started seeing scars all over my body, I was floating between night and day. Anyway, everybody is bound to have their own reaction, mine was certainly not well-being and euphoria, but it was definitely interesting and powerful, not at all a bad trip. My buddy hardly had a reaction at all, no visions or anything. Definitely try it out!


This thing is a nuclear bomb in pill form! Kind of like a cross between the loftiness of MDMA and LSD/shroom visuals ... You just have to let yourself slide into it gently: the peak happens around the first 90-minute mark, give or take (so wait before you double down!) So a warning for the novices: this is not to be taken lightly! For a good trip = one 12 mg pill. Go further with 1.5 pills, e.g. 18 mg.
It's already pretty strong and you're off for a solid 8 hours...
So there you go, have a good trip! And thanks to Shayana!


Took 1 tab of shayana bombastic acid, and one pill of nexus, and had great visuals for 6 hours before i decided to go to sleep. Fast shippment :)