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Dinafem Feminized California Hashplant

Dinafem Feminized California Hashplant
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California Hash Plant Feminised Seeds is a pure indica cannabis strain from Dinafem Seeds

California Hash Plant
California Hash Plant is a typical indica in growth pattern, remaining quite squat but growing tremendously bushy. It is an endogamic (fertilisation resulting from pollination among flowers of the same plant) cross breed of two sister plants sharing a genetic heritage. The short-spaced internodes between leaves results in a huge number of budding sites. It was selectively bred outdoors and successive generations were chosen for high yield in low light levels, early flowering and mould resistance. It is especially good for curing disturbed sleep patterns and problems with nerves, having a calming, as opposed to energetic and excitable,effect. This is due to its relatively high cannabidiol (CBD) content.

California Hash Plant has a mild, sweet, slightly spicy aroma which is certainly not overpowering during growth. It is a great strain for outdoor or greenhouse locations but also does well indoors. Outdoors it is an early harvester, between the third week in September and the first week in October in the northern hemisphere.

California Hash Plant Feminised specifics:
Cannabis genetics: California Hashplant (90%) x Northern Lights (10%)
Type: Pure Indica
Flowering: 6 - 7 weeks
Harvest: Late September - early October outdoors northern hemisphere
Environment: outdoors, indoors, greenhouse
THC: 12 - 16%

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