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With Spring on our doorstep, Shayana has decided to buy some cannabis seeds in bulk. As we like to offer great products at affordable prices, we are now offering a 10 pack of these cannabis seeds, randomly selected by Shayana for only €1! The cannabis seeds included in your 10 pack may include these popular strains:

Sleestack (Sativa dominant)
Quite a short and chubby cannabis plant, she will gain a lot of weight after the 5th week. If you need a plant to make concentrate from then you have your girl right here. The buds are absolutely dripping with resin. Growing with a classic Christmas tree pattern you won’t need any decoration with her frosty buds standing out for you.

Buddha’s Sister (Indica dominant)
This cannabis strain has a really strong cherry candy flavour with a tart smell. A mixture of Reclining Buddha, Afghani, and Hawaiian variations, this Buddha’s Sister strain gives you the Sativa high for creative thinking but with a bit of a sofa surfing, relaxed body high. This is really one of the perfect hybrid blends. She grows well with either normal soil or hydroponically.

OG Kush (Indica dominant)
The champion of champions has been made in seed form. The OG Kush was formally a clone only cannabis strain. Although the plant stretches in the first periods of growth, it soon fills out during the flowering stage. She has smaller nugs so that you can get a good yield.

Kandy Kush (Indica dominant)
Developed from the OG Kush strain to give you classic flavour. Just like real Candy, once you have a taste of this sweet hybrid cannabis strain you’ll just want more and more. This is one of the most resinous cannabis plants out there with a large crystal production that starts to appear after the 5th week.

Average Yield: 300 - 500 g/m2
Flowering Period: 8 - 10 Weeks
Ambience: Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
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Germany , Norway , Switzerland

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Hi guys,

I received my 3 x 10 packets today, thank you. They are not mixed (in each packet), but I assume all of the same strain (in each packet)? If so, can you please tell me what KK, B and (I think) OTI stands for to help me grow them properly? OTI could be upside down - there is definintely an "O" written, but the other symbol(s) look greek. Depending which side you hold the bag, it could be beginning with an "U" and ending with and "O", or beginning with an "O" and ending with an "n", TI or, I dunno . . . your help would be appreciated!


Supper happy with the delivery, I am writing this after I tried the seeds, the are strong.. rate of success germination 9/10.. supper good.

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