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Green House - Nevilles Haze

Green House - Nevilles Haze
3 seeds (feminised)
Normale: € 23,90
Prijs € 18,90
5 seeds (feminised)
Normale: € 32,90
Prijs € 27,90
1st prize Seeds High Times Cannabis Cup 1998
A tall sativa and a very technical plant, Neville's Haze is a must for the experienced grower, a joy for the sativa connoisseur.
Genetics: almost pure Haze.
Effect: strong and psychoactive, very spiritual and introspective. Stimulating high.
Flowering indoor: 12-14 weeks with yield up to 700 gr/sqm.
Flowering outdoor: ready in November in the Northern hemisphere, in July in the Southern one. Yield up to 1200 gr/plant.
THC: 21% CBD: 1.1% CBN: 0.2%
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Germany , Norway , Switzerland

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