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Firefly 2 – Draagbare Vaporizer

Dit is de vaporizer waar we allemaal op hebben gewacht. Het verdampt droge kruiden en concentraten, wordt in enkele seconden verhit en levert consistent superieure verdampingskwaliteit. Het is 55% lichter en 33% kleiner dan Firefly 1, met aanpasbare temperatuurinstellingen via Bluetooth, een efficiënte snelladende batterij en heerlijk gebruiksgemak. De Firefly 2-vaporizer is niet alleen klaar voor de toekomst, het is de toekomst van verdamping.

Download de gratis app: De Firefly 2-app voor iOS of Android biedt een ongekende aanpasbaarheid van de verdamping.
Kleuren: Verkrijgbaar in zwart en goud.

Inclusief: 2 oplaadbare batterijen, oplaadstation, USB 3.0-kabel, reinigingsset, 3 concentraatpads

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This vape is all I ever wanted! Best vapor output, best flavor and built with the very best materials available. It has a small learning curve but not difficult at all! Dynamic convection at its best. Once you've played around with it and master the technique this vape is as if you are using a balloon on the go. People, such as Greg, comparing the Firefly 2 to a conduction vape such as the Arizer or Magic Flight products have no idea what they are talking about (sorry I hope I do not offend anyone) If you like roasted flavor that lasts 2 draws and lack the skills to master a device go buy something else. You would not compare a car to a bike because both have wheels. Firefly 2 is fresh, every pull. Such a clear effect you will never go back to conduction, it's 2016 a revolution has begun.


Firefly2 rocks my world in so many ways. Finally a vape that is focused on quality! Dynamic convection + glass vapor path = smooth, delicious vapor that is out of this world. Literally have never tasted terpenes like this before - I never knew what I was missing until Firefly came along. For the people having a hard time getting a big draw - the key is to take very long, deep breaths. Or turn up the heat with the new Power Tuning feature which maximizes cloud output. Long story short, this vape just gets better and better the more you use it.