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Flowermate Dab Pod

Flowermate Dab Pod
1 Pod
Normale: € 2,50
Prijs € 1,90
FlowerMate_DabPod_01.jpg FlowerMate Dab Pod
These stainless steel concentrate pods allow you to enjoy extracts and waxy liquids on the go. They provide maximum independence and flexibility, allowing you to fill your capsules at home. Just insert the prefilled capsule into your FlowerMate vaporizer and its ready to use.

• Compact Storage Containers
• Meant for Liquids or Concentrates
• Convenient way to pre-fill your Flowermate devices
• Load Multiple Pods for Travel Use

Includes: 1x FlowerMate Concentrate Pod (made with organic cotton)

For use with:
• FlowerMate V5
• FlowerMate Mini Pro V5S

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