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Taking over 5 years to develop, Revolutions has harnessed the power of Urtica Dioica in Testo-Sting™. Testo-Sting™ uses a one of a kind Urtica Dioica extract which is being exclusively produced by one company in the entire world. Do not accept copies or companies making false claims. Only Testo-Sting™ has the correct potent extracts of Urtica Dioica lignan’s. By using the right concentrations of Urtica Dioica lignan’s, can one truly experience the incredible results Testo-Sting™ will provide. Unmatched by any product in the world, Testo-Sting™ belongs in a class of its own!

Testo-Sting™ will cause a rapid increase in Unbound Testosterone, IGF-1levels and Thyroid hormones (T-3). Unbinding Testosterone is the only key to truly experience the power of natural Testosterone. Testo-Sting™ maximizes the body’s natural anabolic environment. Users notice an immediate increase in muscle mass, strength, hardness, better sleep, stronger and more frequent erections, and a decrease of fat deposits. Taking Testo-Sting™ in combination of a sound nutrition and work-out plan will result in a dramatic increase of Muscle Mass. Testo-Sting™ is the Maximum Anabolic Amplifier!

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