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Biologische Vloeitjes Raw


Wil je zowel kwantiteit als kwaliteit? Alsjeblieft! Met 300 vloeitjes in elk pack ben je telkens weer gerust met kwalitatief rookgenot. Met de biologische vloeitjes van RAW krijg je rolling papers op basis van hennep en zonder additieven zodat je altijd de puurste hit krijgt van je favoriete rookmix.

Grootte: 78 mm x 44 mm.

Beoordelingen Biologische vloeitjes RAW Mijn mening over dit product.



I think these are great smoking papers, organics and unbleached (even though inhaling smoke is bad obviously), and you will at least know that there are no additives for flavouring, etc; to the papers you are smoking with your herbs. I bought a pack of these at a hydroponic shop and they were more expensive then on this website... and I have to say that I haven't bought them from this site, but I will be now :)