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Amsterdam Xxx 4 Piece Grinder

Amsterdam Xxx 4 Piece Grinder
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Amsterdam_XXX_4Piece_Grinder_Green.jpg Amsterdam XXX 4 Piece Grinder
Some of the most popular grinders out there with the iconic Amsterdam XXX and coat of arms design. 4 part grinder with a pollinator screen to make sure that all the tasty bits don’t get lost. Made from high grade aluminium, these Grinders come with two iconic Amsterdam designs and two colour codes.

Size: 40mm Diameter.

Material: High Grade Aluminium.

Colour: Red with white Amsterdam logo or Black with red Amsterdam logo

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This grinder is really great. It didn't cost that much, but it grinds really well. It's just too bad that the small shovel intended to take the pollen is located on the bottom of the grinder, which means that each time I open it, some of the pollen just falls off.
But otherwise nothing to say I use it since about a year now and it's still working great!


Great grinder, one of the best and a souvenir at the same time=) Definely get this for your smoke, you wont regret it and it comes with a small spoon=)