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Hawaiian Baby Woodrose

Argyrea Nervosa - Het werd traditioneel gebruikt in religieuze rituelen door de Kahunas van Hawaï en Polynesië.


Het heeft een vergelijkbaar effect als LSD, hallucinerend en stimulerend. Je voelt je erg opgewekt, blij en boordevol energie.


Maximaal 3 tot 7 zaadjes en erg goed kauwen. Als er nog een omhulsel rond het zaadje zit kan je het er beter afhalen, dit kan misselijkheid veroorzaken. De misselijkheid kan voorkomen worden door 30 minuten voor het eten, één of twee reispilletjes (Dramamine) te nemen.


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Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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Well,I had 3 capsules with grinded seeds, and it was the most heavy experience i have ever felt. I have been using hard drugs for over 12 years now, and i think my body can take a lot of strain, even from the most hardest of drugs.This seed has been the worst trip ever. At first i felt a buzz, like most drugs give. Sort of a tingle in the spine or brain. Then the sh#tstorm started. I felt like i needed to relax and lay down, but even after laying flat on my back with my eyes closed, i felt extreme discomfort. Somewhat like i have been overdoing it in the gym.A friend of mine that almost has half the body weight i have (90 Kg) took 3 aswell, and i was two inches away from needing to alert emergency services. He puked for hours, and hours, and im not joking. I was scared shitless that he would choke in his own vomit.Anyhoo,This stuff works, but in my experience, not from 5 or 10 or even 20 seeds. Ground up seeds, in the weight/shape of 3 capsules will make u feel things.I just hope for the ones that try this after reading this, that they enjoy it instead of never wanting to touch it again.


Indeed, very dissapointing, tried this several times and never felt a thing! Just stock to Morning Glory thats amazing and never dissapionts!

we hebbe elk 5 zaadjes genomen en hebbe er weinig of niets van gevoeld. teleurstellend.....

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