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Naturally Grown Lophophora Williamsii (Peyote), 4-

Lophophora williamsii (also called Peyote cactus or Peyotl) is native to the Northern parts of Mexico and to Texas USA. The flowers of Lophophora williamsii are usually pink but white flowers are also found sometimes (Lophophora williamsii v. albiflora). In nature Lophophora williamsii grows in open terrain and under small bushes. It can take direct sunlight but prefers some shade or indirect light. Especially young plants need to be protected from direct sunlight. Lophophora williamsii forms a sturdy taproot so you will need a deep container (Lophophora container). Use a soil mix of regular potting soil (no peat), coarse sand and some clay. To optimize natural growth add some Lime to your Lophophora soil.
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The first one I ordered was BAD... the shipping absolutely killed it. BUT, since ShayanaShop is SO awesome... the replaced it, absolutely FREE... I haven't had the heart to kill it. I transplanted it and it produces BEAUTIFUL pink flowers. I ordered another from here to keep the 1st one company... I haven't consumed them... It has been a rewarding experience to help grow these... You know the old Native American saying? "Take care of the Peyote and the Peyote will take care of you... "Thank you Shayana!


UPDATE: I haven't had this little guy for even a month yet and it is already producing seeds. I read everywhere peyote is slow growing. This is spectacular! I will be able to try growing my very own peyote from seed soon! I'm ecstatic!

Just got my little peyote. Shipping was very fast. I had some trouble with the jerk post office, someone opened the package, and my five free seeds were gone. The cactus was also askew, so I replanted it and hope it will be fine. The plant itself is adorable, and I look forward to watching it grow. Overall, impeccable service, fast communication, fast shipping, robust specimen. I'm recommending shayana shop to all my friends!


My cacti came broken and shriveled, almost dead. I contacted Joao and sent pictures. Without hesitation, they sent me another cacti free of charge. After all that trouble... When I got my new cactus, I didn't have the heart to cut it up. I replanted it. Now spring is here in Japan and the cactus started fruiting and flowering!!!!!! I'm sorry I can't post a crazy psychadelic experience here, but what I am posting is about excellent customer service, and superiority in product! Thank you shayana!

YES.You are right, who said, :"Take care of the Peyote and the Peyote will take care of you... "!!! Inever eat peyote(still not my taste;), i better take pure meskalin:),i luckily had.( i care about 4 peyotes,(one of them i care for more then 20years!) and everythings goes the right way for my life!! but as i planted 5 peyote seeds, and they began to grow very nicely,(nice to look and "live" with them") everythings goes pefectly for me! but then , a fucking mistake from me, i really accidently stepted on the little pot with the five month old seedligs and crushed everyone of them!!!(i thought it was a bad "omen"(a bad forecast), and it was! 2 days later i almost died! really!:( i had a complet body collaps !no heartbeat ,blue in the face and not breathing any more etc... the doc said: i had been dead!! luckely they could revive me.THANKS FOR THAT!!Thank you PEYOTE thank you GAIA(mother earth) maybe cause it was not my intention to kill "his"little kids, so he forgave me.ithink and hope.
greatings from a RainbowWarrior.
LoveLIGHTpeaceJOY&Happines to everybody

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