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Ayahuasca Waiwai - Kit 4

De afkomst van Ayahuasca onderscheidt zichzelf van bijna alle andere hallucinerende kruiden. De inhoud en kwaliteit van dez? visioen?n leiden tot een overheersend occult scenario voor de gebruiker.
Men lijkt het ook eerder te ervaren als iets echts, dus niet als een ‘hallucinatie’ in de normale betekenis van het woord, en als een opening met toegang tot andere werelden die naast de onze bestaan.


Het is een mix van eenMAO remmer zoals Peganum Harmala of Banisteriopsis Caapi met een DMT bevattende plant zoals Psychotria Viridis, diplopteris Cabrerana, en Mimosa Hostilis.
DMT is normaal gezien niet oraal actief maar wordt het pas wanneer het wordt gemengd met eenMAO remmer. Het is een sterke visuele en spirituele mix, reeds lange tijd gebruikt door sjamanen in Peru voor genezing en spirituele doeleinden. Ayahuasca geneest je geest, ziel en lichaam, aldus de sjamanen.


Ingrediënten: Psychotria Viridis & Peganum Harmala.


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This was my first time with her, and my advice would be not to take this unless you feel her call. As stated on the website: this is not a "fun" drug! However, I personally found her to be an powerful and enlightening experience, and I hope others get the same. I followed the standard, boiling each ingredient for half an hour in water then drinking them half an hour apart. Don't forget your purge bucket, it's a natural part of the experience that must just be accepted.
BTW I use "her" to refer to the drink due to my own personal experience, sorry if it seems a little odd to those who have not partaken.


Extremely intense trip. Only recommend it for those interested in a very long and full-body experience. Those like myself who are occasional trippers should probably stick to something less intense. Crazy visuals, tingling/spasming throughout my whole body. Unable to regulate trip... just had to let it take it's course. Peaked after 2 hours. All senses became amplified and distorted (music sounded slow and trippy). Several hour trip felt like it lasted for several days. If you really want to lose yourself and be blown away, try this... if not, maybe don't take the whole dose or try something else. It tastes absolutely TERRIBLE, but it gets the job done. You can boil each ingredient separately for 30 minutes in .5L of water each, but drink MAOI first (pink tea) then after 30 minutes drink the DMT (green tea). This leads to a very strong trip.

We had a great time with this kit. We did it amongst friends. I had to do some research on ways to prepare it, but it was quite simple. Great experience. Recommend that you do it with people you love. Also a friendly, well thought out location is a good idea.

Really had an amazing ability to open our eyes. You feel like the vale has been lifted. Before and after the trip.


why does no one write about ayahuasca i would like some opinions of people who have bought it off this website

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