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Shroomgro - Winter Pack Xs

Kweek je eigen Magic Mushrooms het hele jaar door voor een speciale gereduceerde prijs!

Elke ShroomGRO Winter Pack bestaat uit:

2 - Magic Mushroom XS Growkits (Kies tussen Mexicaanse , Golden Teacher en B + stammen)
1 - Nest Verwarming Mat (Om de temperatuur te regelen en het bereiken van optimale groeiomstandigheden)

Voor de beste resultaten vermijd je best rechtstreeks contact met het verwarmingsoppervlak van de mat en de growkit. Gebruik een stuk karton of een opgevouwen handdoek.


Oogst gemiddeld 50 gram binnen 2-3 weken . Meerdere flushes mogelijk.
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As this was my first attempt at growing I am fairly happy with the results. The winter package is great for these European winters. My only issue is, however, that from the two xs kits I got (Mexican and GT), only one worked. The Mexicans pinned plenty, but all turned grey and stopped growing. I tried removing the stalled pins and dunking the kit (twice) but I only got tiny grey pins.... after the third attempt I chucked it in case of contamination and didn't want my other kit to be compromised. The GT's, on the other hand proved better, yet far from the stated yield of 50g per flush. First flush was just one shroom of 21g, second flush 14g, third flush 13g... but fantastically I am on a fourth flush so there is still hope of a total yield of about 5g dry.
All that aside though, I rate the service very highly, am happy with the customer service and speed of delivery... and I have ordered more ;)
Thanks guys!!


This is my first time growing and they came out amazing! i'm going to re-use the heating mat for a bigger growkit now! Thanks Shayana!