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Golden Teacher Kweekset- Xl

Paddo's op steroïden! Golden Teacher magic mushrooms zijn een van de beste champies die tegenwoordig verkrijgbaar zijn, en ze worden nu nog groter. Deze Extra Large Golden Teacher alles-in-een Growkit is de manier bij uitstek om grote hoeveelheden van je favoriete paddo te kweken en wat vrienden uit te nodigen voor een paddoparty! De makkelijk te gebruiken growkit bevat substraat dat gekoloniseerd werd met de beruchte Golden Teacher magic mushroom. De mushrooms groeien in flushes en leveren een oogst van 700 tot 1000 gram mits de nodige zorgen.


Levert een oogst op van gemiddeld 800 gram binnen de 2 tot 3 weken.
Meerdere flushes mogelijk
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Canada , Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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A few tips to start off in order to maximize your yield and avoid contamination.
- Always use hand sanitizer before handling the growbox or even just fanning and watering.
- Wear something that covers your nose and mouth so you don't breath into the box or bag and risk contamination.
- Boil the fork in water for a few hours before punching holes in the substrate.
- Always make sure the humidity inside the bag is high enough for water droplets and fog to be formed everywhere inside the bag.
- Fan fresh oxygen inside the bag at least once a day before the pinheads appear. Once the pinheads appear you should fan fresh oxygen into the bag at least 3-4 times a day for maximum size.
- Follow the instructions and videos from and you'll be fine.

I ordered this and recieved it in a week. It took almost 3 weeks before the first pinheads appeared so be patient. These grow quite large, the biggest one was about 20-25 cm in height. First and second flush generated about 640g fresh total and the third 170g. So the average yield stated on the package was quite accurate for me. In dry weight this is about 75g total. The mushies are strongest when fresh, but it's easier to dose when they are dry.

Once you have harvested the mushrooms, you need to dry and store them correctly. I recommend drying them in a dark and warm space (not over 80C) sandwiched between newspaper. Once they are really cracker dry, put them in an air sealed plastic bag and store them in the freezer. That way they stay potent for years.

I just harvested the third flush and haven't tried them yet so I can't say anything about the potency yet.