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Colombian Kweekset - Medium

De Colombian Alles-in-een Growkit is een van de nieuwkomers in onze steeds populairder wordende paddokweekcategorie.

De Psilocybe Columbiescens is een lid van de Cubensisfamilie. Deze paddo is ietwat bleker, ietsje groter, maar ook sterker dan zijn Mexicaanse broertje.


Oogst van gemiddeld 400 g binnen de 2-3 weken.
Meerdere flushes mogelijk.
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Im on the 3rd flush and still yielding no less than 16 heads. They are mostly 15-17cm long on this flush ... now i got around 25-30gr dried and it seems like i will have up to at least 5 flushes. I want to thank u so much Shayana, great product. I ate like 2.5 gr of my babies they are really nice mushrooms too. 5stars deal. However i will try to grow from syringe next time just to make it more fun.


very very good, I have never been as good a serious shot on a growkit before .. it's really good


Takes longer than 12 days to grow them. Toked me three weeks...:)


Shipping was quite good. they first appeared in the 12th day and the first flush was harvested in 7-8 days. Two kits gave me about 350 grams of fresh mushrooms, which is not my expectation for the average yield is 400 grams from both of them. So I'm hopeful about the second flush from which I expect 300 fresh grams more. I recommend everyone to fan the kits 7-8 times a day, mushies love it. My important not is for those who are thinking of dring them; they are %93 water (which is high among mushroom species) so keep in mind that 100 grams of fresh mushroom will decrease to dry 7 grams. I've tried them eating 3 and got the best trip ever. I'll order again the next month.


Fast delivery. After 1 week in propagator i saw first hats. Another 2 week took them to harvest. Together 4 harvests. Every time 4 fine portions. Last ones were without big lick but still. Lots of laugh. Whole trip was like a dream. Park in a night was as MagicLand, amazing. For my self beter than Mckennaii. Still thinking aubout next ones. 7/10 ,i recommend. ,",,