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Shayana Syringes- Psilocybe Cubensis Matias Romero

Shayana has released her own quality brand of mushroom syringes: Shayana's liquid culture syringes. These syringes contain a special formula that is different from the ordinary spore syringes we are used to. With Shayana's liquid culture syringes, your mushrooms will grow faster than they do with spore syringes, considerably reducing the risk of contamination. On top of that, Shayana’s syringes are easy to use: simply inject the content of the syringe into the growing medium.

This syringe contains the Matias Romero, another classic psilocybe cubensis strain, named after the little Mexican town where it was sampled for the very first time by renowned mycologist Stephen Pollock. It is widely accepted that professor Fanaticus, inventor of the PF Tek mushroom cultivation method, used the spores of this original Mexican strain to create his “PF Classic”. Compared to other psilocybe cubensis strains, the Matias Romero starts to fruit at a very early stage, as soon as it is placed in a pot containing substrate. The mushrooms do not grow very tall but become really plump.

Why choose Shayana's syringes over traditional spore syringes?
Contrary to these spore syringes, that contain the “seed” of the mushroom, Shayana's syringes contain a cloned form of mycelium. So unlike spore syringes, that do not contain an active substance, Shayana's syringes actually contain "living" material, allowing you to skip the stage of spore development (than can take up to several weeks), and making you gain a lot of time. By using cloned mycelium, you know for sure you are dealing with one single species. Due to the rapid development of the cloned mycelium, you dramatically reduce the risk of contagion by a competing fungus species.

Quality controls
Shayana cares deeply about the quality of her products. That is why the Shayana liquid culture syringes undergo strict testing. A sample is taken from every batch and test-grown in a petri dish. This allows for precise quality controls.

Syringes can be stored for several months in a cold environment in a temperature of 2 degrees above zero (C°). The cold helps prevent the mycelium from developing and clogging the syringe.

Substrate: Shayana recommends you use compost, grain, or pasteurized dung and straw. The ideal colonization temperature is situated around 28-30 C°. Recommended cropping temperature is 22-26 C°


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This strain is really good. I ordered some and grow them quite easily. The effect are what you expect from shrooms. They take awhile to hit , but when it does.....your in happy land!

I honestly think that these new syringe system are fantastic. Make sure you harvest them at the correct time as if the time passes......they become really messy......and not in a good way

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