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Mushrocks are a variety of sclerotia forming magic mushrooms. Their scientific title is "Psilocybe Galindoi". Like most hallucinogenic mushrooms, Mushrocks contain psilocybin and psilocin as main active compounds.

The Psilocybe Galindoi are closely related to Psilocybe Mexicana. Just like the Mexicana, they are slightly more visual than the Tampanensis and provide a little more energy during your trip. Body and brain effects are also stronger.

It is hard to explain what sets the mushrocks apart from their Mexicana nephews. On one hand, effects are similar to the Mexicana. On the other hand, mushrocks have a very specific effect everyone will discover for himself.


Met de Atlantis beleef je kleuren, schaduwen en details op een ander niveau. Get comfy en geniet van de show. 


10 gr
15 gr
20 gr


Na ongeveer 30 minuten laten deze truffels van zich voelen en vertrek je op je ervaring. De volgende 4 tot 6 uur voel je je magisch.


Eet de sclerotia op of zet er thee van. Altijd op een lege maag innemen. Goed kauwen verbetert de werking. Gebruik ze in een rustige en vertrouwde omgeving. Gebruik de eerste keer niet meer dan een halve dosering.Voor het beste resultaat wordt aanbevolen dat je niets eet in de twee tot drie uur voorafgaand aan het verbruik. OPSLAG: Fresh truffels moeten in de koelkast bewaard worden en zijn goed voor 1 maand. Als u ze langer wilt bewaren, moet u ze drogen. Na het drogen van je truffels kun je ze tot 6 maanden bewaren in een gesloten doos/zak op een koele, droge plaats.


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Beoordelingen MushRocks Deel je ervaring


Absolutely love these bad boys..
I've only recently become accustomed to truffles.
The first time I was unbelievably nervous for what reason is unknown.

I've had Hollandia, utopia and Dragons Dynamite but mush rocks are by far the best I've experienced. Absolute pleasant experience. Everytime I've been alone in my own comfortable environment and ate the lot. First time tho I ate gradually, 5g then 2.5 then 5g then the last bit.. Now they are wolfed em!

How they aren't used for medicinal use is beyond me as I was seriously anxious,and I used to suffer from depression and no longer take MED's, I thought I was back to normalness, but after my first proper Mudhrock experience , day after was so cleat hearded, I even booked my driving lessons at 27 years old. May not sound much but 5 years ago I was in a crash that took a life, there was no way i could of even imagined thinking about having control of a car..Little things.

Trust me , don't doubt the medical values of Truffles and Mushrooms.


I like a lot the specific efect of these mushrocks,me and my fried each ate 22,5 grams(we both have high tolerance),I had little visuals but we laugh
and talk all the time and we arent talkative persons,I think they are realy great for unexperienced users
maybe in smaller amounts and those who just want to have some good time.

I just placed an order for these. Did not recieve them yet as it was only a few day ago but am familliar enough to give a review. These are excellent as are al magic truffles. The effect is less sedate and more heady, it makes you want to think and work on figuring out the secrets of the world.


happy & giggly for hours, with visuals

So Nice. And it also taste good


magical drug with magical shipment for magical people! Thank you Shayana team

Excellent stuff. New studies show psyilicibin repairs minor traumatic brain damage (i.e. PTD, depression) This is no joke, look it up for the proper info. That says enough but just for social enjoyment it's also great. Mushrocks are worth every penny.


lovely truffles! we took a pack each (20g) - was very mild on me, stronger on my friends.. perfect for festivals (where we were) as good for interacting and laughing with mates, but can come out of them and be straight if you want to.. lasted about 2-3 hours
great for beginners

Chopped fine and sprinkled on pizza and the taste disappears. I had a little left and chewed with a mouthful of honey, nice by itself.
Having a great night, functioning if I want to, trippy if I relax. Getting more, cracking stuff.
Happy times


I was quite happy with this product, the delivery took five days and it was vacuum pack. I took about 10g and my friend took the other 5g. The taste was not to bad, it was quite nutty and the after taste was a little acidic. Our experience was similar, I just came on alot faster, coming up was like a chemical high. The visuals were very mild for me but over all it was a good trip. I think if you are looking for some thing to share with your friends and have a laugh this is a good truffle to try. happy trippin :)

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