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Golden Teacher - Paddo Kweekset

Golden Teacher, met zijn prachtige gouden kappen, ivoren stelen en grote paddestoelen, zal je de inzichten van een prachtige nieuwe wereld leren. Ook al groeit hij niet zo overvloedig als andere psilocybe cubensis, hun indrukwekkende omvang compenseert dit volledig, zoals je zult merken aan hun droge gewicht.

Deze enorme paddo's zullen een grote leraar zijn in het vinden van de wegen van het universum en het vrijmaken van de weg naar spirituele verlichting.


De trip kan spiritueel zijn, en voor sommigen diepgaand en emotioneel. Magische psilocybine paddestoelen produceren effecten die kunnen bestaan uit een diepe verbinding met de natuur, plotselinge waardering of levensvreugde, visuals met open en gesloten ogen, kleurverbetering, zintuiglijke stimulatie, verhoogd gevoel voor humor met lachbuien, creatieve en cognitieve verbetering, muziekwaardering, gedachteversnelling.

Herinnering: effecten worden meestal versterkt wanneer ze worden ervaren met een positieve stemming, goede muziek en een comfortabele omgeving.


De totale trip kan 5 tot 8 uur duren, en onervaren gebruikers moeten pas na een uur wachten op de beoordeling van hun aandoening beginnen met een kleine en hogere dosering.

Oogst gemiddelde
Standaard (1200cc): 400 - 500 gram
XL (2100cc): 900 - 1000 gram
*Kweeksets kunnen meerdere flushes van paddenstoelen produceren met de juiste zorg!


Verwarmingsapparaten: voor het beste resultaat vermijd je direct contact tussen het verwarmingsoppervlak en de growkit. Als je geen ruimte kunt creëren, gebruik dan een stuk karton of een gevouwen handdoek.

Opslag: de kweekset is klaar om te groeien zodra je hem ontvangt. Als je moet wachten, kan de growkit maximaal een maand in de koelkast bewaard worden. Een langere periode kan het kweekresultaat in gevaar brengen.

Product informatie
Psilocybine stam: Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher
Moeilijkheidsgraad van de teelt: Gemakkelijk
Kracht: Matig tot krachtig
Kolonisatietijd: 12 - 14 dagen
Kolonisatietemperatuur: 28º - 30º Celsius
Vruchtbaarheidstijd: 14- 21 dagen
Vruchtentemperatuur: 23º - 26º Celsius


Inhoud van de Magic Mushroom Growkit:
- Substraat kweekbak met 100% actief Mycelium
- Paddenstoelenkweekzak met filter, om een microklimaat te creëren
- Paperclip(s) om de kweekzak te sluiten

Herinnering: bestel niet meer dan 2 standaard (1200cc) growkits per keer om de levering te garanderen!
Wij versturen dit product niet naar de volgende landen:
Finland , Germany , Norway , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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unbelievable ordered 4/20 4/29. i thought i was out of my money but took a chance way to go shayana.soon as i finish this im going to order a couple of hundred dollars more. worth of great stuff..hadden done shrooms since in detroit usa. can wait..get it will the gettens good...after 25 years of shitty mexican pot, now medicinal strains r the bomb..never thought id see this in my life time im 50. free the weed legailize. peace to the world..people..!!!!


eate a full flush to myself, got greedy didn't i, i thought i was the last person to ever live on earth and was layed out astro traveling round the universe, when i came back i thought i was a warrior and id won a famous war, i was dancing to trance music thinking i was some kind of dancer, the colours were reflecting allover the place from the xbox screen with music on was like a sea of colours everywhere, then i went outside on my neighbours path layer there masterbating cos i thought i was invisible, when the police came i thought there were aliens there and that there put me in a body bag and thought me out into space, turns out there came and put a quilt cover over me and put me in ambulance, i was lucky not to get arrested, i thought id had a heart attack when i came round in hospital. moral of the story be careful with these.

these are beasts and teach you a lesson for taking them specialy if you eat half a flush to yourself lol i thought i was a ghost and no 1 could see me and could do anything i wanted in the world lol


Everything you need as a beginner or simply just to make your life easy, I'm a clusterhead so shrooms are my meds (yes they work better than anything else out there) when I need them quick or not, shayana shop is the only way to go, they may not know it but the guys here and have changed my life, shrooms changed my life, as in I have one now(clusterheads will understand that one) thanks guys.....peace:)

these are grate, only really good for one gd harvest, it will grow more just not as many, I did`t no how much to take so i took the lot, frish, it looked like a huge amount till i chopped then up, i think i had an outer body experance, our elce i went to a diffrent dimension, grate


thanks shayana!!shipment was arrived 8's too easy grow and i'm telling you guys we ate with my friends and we laughed all 6 hours long and we had fun all was best trip ever.thanks again shayana

I have to say that Shayana never-ever disappoints. They always take your concerns seriously and at the end always you are the happy one. Because I am ordering very frequently, problems occur but Shayana gives %100 support for its customers. I have ordered golden teacher for the first time but I do not have any hesitations that it will be the best, as always.


Abbobra Cada Ya Shah Bra...
Worth every shiney cent of my money.
just make shure you have ample sun (not direct)
proper good temp, a little bit of patience (helps alot) and you will be satisfied.
Thank you kindly Shayanna!

I just received the package. It took about 10-12 days to arive to Greece.I Already begun the procedure to grow them :D
I didn't use the bag and paperclips included in the package, for growing. I have my own growkit with temperature and humidity control so I will now wait for 2 weeks and hope for the best :D
I'll keep you posted on the details :)


I'll be honest that 15g of dried Golden Teacher as first trip was just a freaking awesome trip. My pupil got bigger and it explains why I saw 'white grass'. Colourful. Sharpness fisheye.

The fun was when I push myself on a wall and it fell like I lay on the wall, just like the gravity pulls me into the wall and look up into the other wall. As soon I push myself out the wall - it fell like I just fly into a gravity free room.

When I drop a pen and it fell like it fly away into a orthogonal direction forward me and hit the 'wall' but not illogical at all if we flip the view matrix and now we see the pen falls down.


You as a lawyer or a useless politicians with overflowing cash in your bank account where your country keeps the magic mushrooms illegal just for keep the boss-slave society, take a +10g of the mushroom and go to a quantum physics course in your nearest university, ask all possible question, may worth and useful, if your teacher is a good teacher, legalize it.

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