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Mycomate Underground Growkit

Mycomate Underground Growkit
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Mycomate® Edible Sclerotia Kit (a.k.a. Truffles)

The Mycomate® Underground is another new product from Mondo Mycologicals. This growkit makes you harvest truffles in no time and the only thing you will have to do is waiting. A huge advantage is that the truffles grow in a bag, so they can grow much bigger as in a jar.
When you first inoculate the included Mycomate® Liquid Culture Vial it will save you a week or 2.

The Mycomate® Underground comes complete with full colour illustrated instructions and everything you need to grow truffles, except for the spores. This way you can choose if you want to grow Mexicana, Tampanensis or Atlantis.

If you buy more kits at the same time you don’t need to buy more spores, because 1 Sporemate® Spore Suspension Vial makes it possible to inject 5 Liquid Culture Vials (1 incl. with every kit) and with each Liquid Culture Vial you can at least inject 3 growkits.
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