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Dutch Manali Original

Deze wierook is geïnspireerd op een formule gebruikt door de Manali-cultuur, gelegen in de schaduw van het Himalaya-gebergte. Hij vervoert je naar ongekende hoogten. Dutch Manali heeft een vezelige textuur en vaste vorm die eruitziet alsof hij vervaardigd werd als echte shit. Zoek je een stevige wierookmix, dan is dit je keuze!
Wij versturen dit product niet naar de volgende landen:
Norway , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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Excellent !!! je me suis fait un petit stick de cette beuh compressée je dirais, çà ne m'a presque rien fait alors j'en ai roulé un 30/60 et là çà m'a déchiré pas mal.Excellent ! il faut seulement savoir comment doser c tout.


I was missing 3g of Dutch Manali from a large order I made, and as soon as I informed Shayana they sent a replacement via 24 hour mail the very same day.

Amazing customer service!

This is definitely my new favourite website (:

10/10 would recommend Shayana to everyone.

Thanks Shayana!!!

Great smoke comparable to good weed. Full effect reached in about 8 minutes. One hit lasts for about 2-4 hours.


Nice and familiar feelings. Sent in a nice package. Enough to for a really long time. I highly recommend this product.

I got the product and used immediately. I shared it with another person. We couldn't finish it, so strong it was.
Skeptic?I've been smoking for 21 years now and I thought it was going to have some mild effect but it got me good. If I hadn't know what it was I would be thinking that what I had was the real deal.
So strong you don't need a big dose.
After a while I was amazed and sayin' to myself "and you wanted to miss this?"
I'm just gonna re-order as soon as a finish with this review.
It took a while to receive the product after I order it. NOT a complaint just so you know in case you wanna make plans to get it before you run out of your own stuff.
Totally recommended.
Thank You Shayana


I love this smoke, really nice lasting effect, 100% better than rubbish hash bought on the street. Highly recommended, buy more it goes quickly.

Good High, Good Buzz, AND you can still be functional.

I have horrid anxiety and fibromyalgia. This blend helps me get on with my day.
does give red eyes if taken in large amounts but i would say this is similar to a stativa with a slight stoning effect.

Careful if you use it like me as a daily aid. after a month you tend to find yourself needing more and more and stressing when you are low or out.

But its certainly a life saver, you feel stress just melting away and that blissful lobotomy massage you


So so so so good. Sativa High with a touch of Indica that keeps it from becoming to high. Very good.

Great high, perfect balance of stoned and high.

A bowl or two is perfect for any occasion where you just wanna sit back, relax and feel goooooood.

Any more than that will have you laughing, dancing and feeling even more amazing but it'll probably be hard to hide how high you are!

Great stuff, would recommend (:

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