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De lichtgouden nectar van Pollen is de nieuwste generatie wierook uit het gamma hoogwaardige producten van Shayana. Dit verbluffende product treedt in de sporen van de meest verfijnde Marokkaanse wierookmengsels ter wereld. Je kan het verkruimelen en roken net als het echte spul. Geniet van de meest verfijnde wierook, vervaardigd van 100% geteste actieve ingrediënten en beleef de kracht van een stevige mix.
Wij versturen dit product niet naar de volgende landen:
Canada , Norway , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

Beoordelingen Pollen Mijn mening over dit product.



This is one of the best stuff in this segment, I've ever had the pleasure to trie.
It comes very clos to the 'real deal'.
Very powerful and longlasting.
Comes with big Munchies. ;)


Wow this stuff is awesome!! I wasn't expecting it to be any good but after just a few puffs I couldn't believe it I actually felt stoned !! I had to quit the real stuff after 15 years because of a new job and needed to find a replacement and this stuff is it :)


really good quality stuff,no messing,also i had a messed up order when only half my package arrived.informed shayana and within 3 days the missing pollen was on my doorstep,great service,highly recommended!


Excellent produit je goût ne dérange pas ya comme une odeurs d épice je vous conseille bon produits


This is the one of the best stuff I have ever tried. When I first saw it on Shayana, I knew it would be something awesome. Even it was new and has no reviews we ordered it asap. It was what we were expected. Even more! We cut two pieces and add it to tobacco. It was so much! We were really high and I started to hallucinate on my own world. But be careful because it can take you anywhere you just thought in one second. I have never been in bad trip before in anything I smoke but this one took me in another way of thinking. Thanks Shayana! We appreciate of what you have!


as good as everyone,s already said,pretty close to the real deal and not too strong,ordered 2g as a tester,gonna order more as soon as able,happy shopper here!