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Kleaner - Drug Test Detox

Kleaner - Drug Test Detox
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Worried about failing a drug test? Kleaner is a new toxins cleaner which removes all traces of substances in saliva and on the skin.

Drug tests on saliva and sweat can have positive results even after several days or weeks of consuming cannabis or other similar substances. Oral swabs can sometimes give false positive results. This means you can be substance free for a day or so and still test positive for drugs. Kleaner is the perfect solution to prevent these unlucky test results.
• Fast and effective toxin cleaner
• 30ml (lasts for approximately 25 uses)
• Available as a dropper and spray


Kleaner is effective 30 minutes after taking it and remains active for over an hour. In addition, it doesn’t include chemical additives, preservatives or perfumes and is not dangerous if it is taken orally unintentionally.


Using Kleaner dropper: 
• Oral: ingestion of 4 to 6 drops.
• Topically: pour 4 to 6 drops in the palm of your hand and rub neck, head, face, etc..

Using Kleaner spray:
• Oral: apply 1 to 3 sprays of Kleaner on the tongue.
• Topically: squirt hands 2 to 3 times and clean the skin, rubbing well.


In the case of the need for immediate effect you can ingest a larger amount, keeping the product circulating in the mouth before swallowing. For best results, the use of Kleaner is recommended within half an hour before the intended effect. The product has a very bitter taste, which is normal and also serves to determine if the product has successfully permeated the entire mouth.


Water, Denatured Alcohol, Neem extract (Melia Azadirachta), Xanthan Gum

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