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Psychoactive Sacramentals

Psychoactive Sacramentals- Essays on entheogens and religion
What place might Psychoactive Sacramentals - entheogens - have in contemporary religions and religions of the future? Can the careful use of entheogens aid in spiritual development? How might entheogens enhance spiritual practices? What cautions ought to be considered?
The chicago Theological seminary and the council on spiritual practices invited several dozens leaders in religion, mental health, and allied fields to consider these and other questions at a 1995 conference-retreat. The conference participants contributed these essays.

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I was very surprised that this appeared on this site - it is a rare book. The book is highly recommended for its seriousity. The book contains contributions from a range of authors - and it covers many facets of using entheogens. I recommend Stolaroff's contribution on A Protocol for a Sacramental Service and Roger Walsh's 2 articles on human evolution. It is not a book for people who want to know how to trip, but for those seeking inspiration on the "what to do with my life and insights AFTER I have been tripping for som years?" I enjoyed this book - and recommend it by heart :-)

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