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Honey Bee Extractor

Honey Bee Extractor

the perfect device to turn the trash of your plantation into "golden" hash oil

The procedure is simple:

1. Grind anywhere from 3g to 28g of shake/trim/bud (or some combination thereof) in a coffee grinder.

2. Put it in the Honey Bee Extractor and close the cap.

3. Hold the Extractor filter-side down over a Pyrex bowl.

...bowl of hot water.
4. Fit the tip of the butane can into the little hole.

5. Press down hard, waiting about 30 seconds or so for the Butane to flow out the bottom of the Extractor.

6. Feel like Bill Nye the Science Guy with your safety goggles on and the superkewl clouds of vapor rising about you!

7. Put the bowl in another bowl of hot water, or on a hot water bottle.

Remaining oil after the butane has evaporated.
8. Wait about 15 to 20 minutes for the Butane to evaporate completely.

9. Scrape the oil off the bowl.

10. Put it into one of those wee elfin bottles people put oil into.

11. Get very stoned.

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great little device used about 9grams of bud to try it out worked wonders got only about a gram of oil but was so nice and just wanted to try it out next batch will fill this up and see what i get but well worth it for the trouble i have had with alcohol well worth it thatnks shayanashop :)