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Salvia Extract 10X

Salvia Divinorum is ontdekt door de Mazatec Indianen. De sjamanen van de Mazatec stam gebruikten het heilige medicijn voor zijn hallucinerende krachten bij helende rituelen. In deze trance konden ze door het onderbewuste van een ziek persoon reizen om de oorzaak van zijn ziekte te vinden. Salvia was tot voor kort nog vrij onbekend en schaars te krijgen. Maar daar zal verandering in komen, salvia is een zeer gewaardeerd hallucinerend middel.


1) Oncontroleerbaar hysterisch gelach. 2) Het gevoel een object te zijn (kaars, stoel, plant,.....). 3) Overlappende realiteiten. Op meer dan één plaats tegelijk zijn. 4) Verlies van het lichaam of de identiteit. 5) Het betreden van een 2-dimensionale wereld. 6) Terugkeren naar plaatsen uit het verleden. 7) Vreemde fisieke gewaarwordingen, het gevoel getrokken of gedraaid te worden.


Niet gebruiken bij zwangerschap, zogen, depressiviteit of bij medicatie. Bestuur geen gemotoriseerd voertuig onder invloed van Salvia. Niet geschikt voor personen onder de 18 jaar. Gebruik Salvia niet samen met andere psychoactieve substanties. Neem de tijd om Salvia Divinorum te ontdekken: verken het territorium stap voor stap. Gebruik het met het respect die het verdient en het zal je rijkelijk belonen.
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This is the greatest thing that I have ever smoked, well at least so far.


tilt! game over for 20 minutes...I've see Hiroshima


Salvia is not for those who think should i smoke that or not.
But i have smoked salvia 15x 3-5 times and the feelings are good to this point :)
I had hysterical laughter, i laughted about 5-10 minutes and cannot stop that, one time my sight lags, i did see same part of sight a lot (like browser window lags in old computers that what it looked like) then i did hear voices in my head "give me that pipe?" "no this is "trippy's pipe" then i figured that out and almost freaked out but stayed calm ( i was alone in my home). One time i smoked salvia and go to balcony to smoke tobacco (i didn't feel that my dose worked) it was night and i did see red rainbow on the sky and after smoke it disappeared :D My friend did see that it was on pac man labyrint and dolls (clothes dolls like on stores) chased him and somewhere salvia was being pumped on the labyrint ( what we did see was that she was lyings and rolled on the ground and screamed, cryed and laught hysterical. So if you doubt should i smoke salvia? i don't recomended if you cant put you mind together and be calm what you see or feel. A lot of my friends have smoked salvia and then sayed that they never smoke salvia again because they had bad trip or they can't think trough what they have seen or feeled.


It's realy good stuff. I recomend.
Respect shayanashop.


in my younger days I was quite the psychadelic space cadet,I would take lsd,magic mushrooms,datura,mescaline, and countless pills and or powders habitualy.Over the years I have replace all the above tools used to reach a higher state of being with salvia and dmt.I use salvia quite regulaly as i grow my own and have a ready supply that i do my extraction from,I find I have the best(most intense)experiences when alone in a little place i found in a forrest by a light stream,I ritualy bless my sacred grounds and ask the wilderness to guide me through to the majestic heights to which I have become familiar with.take a smoking pipe and prepare it with a hit bigger than you could possibly ever take, get comfortable, take in your surroundings and smoke dont bother taking small hits and holding them back just continualy smoke and deny yourself oxygen just inhale exhale inhale exhale until your head spins so hard it feels like you have been hit in the face with a brick when you can no longer possibly take on any more smoke sit up straight but stay relaxed and you will feel your spirit detatch from your being and wander to a land of the will of course have to make your way througk a maze of collidoscopic technicolour and deafening auditory hallucinations but with the right guidence you will make it and you will remember the path you took as to ensure a safe return.this is not just a psychadelic trip or just a herb it is a way of life respect it and learn from it,always take time out afterwards to make some sence of the information influx and deformation of what most know as reality have fun my freinds.the salvia surfer.