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Terugkeer naar de psychedelische roots van moedernatuur met deze fantastische bongreiniger. Het bongpoetsmiddel treedt in werking na 45 min. Deze ongelofelijke psychedelische reinigingskracht houdt meer dan 6 uur aan. De visuele perceptive van je bong zal stijgen en een zeer aangename body buzz bezorgen en er sexy doen uitzien. Je kan dit alles voor elkaar krijgen met je bong zonder water te verliezen, dus geen misselijk gevoel zoals je soms bij natuurlijke producten ervaart.

Weer een fantastische reiniger van ons geliefkoosde bongpoetsmerk!


20 mg 4-ACO-DMT


Niet geschikt voor menselijke consumptie.

Beoordelingen Hawaiinium Mijn mening over dit product.



Potent product with relatively rapid onset. I wouldn't recommend double dropping on the initial dose as the onset can be quite intense. Subjects reported an almost identical experience as with 4-HO-MET (another great compound) with exception to the quicker onset. 5 stars.


Prodotto molto buono.bei colori e effetti caldescoipici. ..anche introspettivo. ...vedevo tutto veloce e poi lentamente. Prima volta una pillola basta e avanza.preso dopo aver bevuto e fumato erba.ho capito cos'è la toccato tutto e entravo dentro le cose. ..potevo toccare i colori e io diventavo un colore. i colori ti attraversano e sono tutto ciò che ti circonda. Anche la musica ti dava un colore che fuoriusciva scintillante e con mille forme. Buono grazie shayana


This is one of the best psychedelics I have tried yet.
Quick onset indeed, quite clear; very visual and philosophical, which is the best part.

Also, I once took 15mg and spent a whole trip outside in the city, and it went quite well. Sometimes people gave me weird looks because I didn't walk quite straight and I started saying my thoughts aloud unintentionnally, but it was very enjoyable to just walk around and catch the glimpses of art.


Wow, another wonderful product!! The second time round I dropped only half a pill and the results were perrrrrrrfect! Gentle cev's, great positive insights. The redeeming lesson for me was: why use more than you need?? Love this one!


Tried this cleaner for the 1st time, sizzling and sparkling cleansing delivered as promised ! What struck my bong the most is the RAPID onset of this fine compound, I dropped one button down my bong and in mere 15 minutes it began cleansing rapidly. If I can get somewhat comparatively poetical, I'd note that this one's more of a 'cold burning diamond burst" kind of cleaning then "mellow golden fuzzy ridicule" like shroomies or truffles tend to deliver. The process itself was very easy to drive, (for the ones who prefer to have some degree of control), CEV's were subtle, plastic, fluid, reminiscent of the web of life and intertwining waves connecting everything, I started my cleaning session in the morning, around 8:00, and by 15:00 I was clean and back into my mundane duties and responsibilities. It was very visual, insightful, mindful, playful, ecstatic, creative, intense, but not too much ! I loved it, will surely take it again after I try the rest of the cleaners that are intriguing to my bong.

All in all. This is serious, potent compound. It's sharp. clear, not quite for beginners who might get confused a but with strong and fast onset. I found it a pleasant surprise ;)

Also, delivery took about a week, and I'm from this far down s#ith01e, so I am grateful and already browsing my next treat !

PEACE ON, and tryp responsibly !