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Ayahuasca Yaruma - Kit 1

De afkomst van Ayahuasca onderscheidt zich van bijna alle andere hallucinerende kruiden. De inhoud en kwaliteit van deze ‘visioenen’ leiden tot een overheersend occult scenario voor de gebruiker. Men lijkt het ook eerder te ervaren als iets echts, dus niet als een ‘hallucinatie’ in de normale betekenis van het woord, en als een opening met toegang tot andere werelden die naast de onze bestaan.


Het is een mix van eenMAO remmer zoals Peganum Harmala of Banisteriopsis Caapi met een DMT bevattende plant, zoals Psychotria Viridis, diplopteris Cabrerana, en Mimosa Hostilis.
DMT is normaal gezien niet effectief via orale weg, maar wordt het pas wanneer het wordt gemengd met eenMAO remmer. Het is een sterke visuele en spirituele mix die door Peruaanse sjamanen reeds lange tijd wordt gebruikt voor genezing en spirituele doeleinden. Ayahuasca geneest je geest, ziel en lichaam, aldus de sjamanen.


Ingrediënten: Mimosa Hostilis Powder & Peganum Harmala.


Dit product is niet geschikt voor jongeren t/m 18 jaar. Raadpleeg voor gebruik uw dokter indien u zwanger bent, borstvoeding geeft of medicijnen gebruikt. Aanbevolen dosering niet overschrijden. Niet gebruiken in combinatie met alcohol. Overmatig gebruik kan de rijvaardigheid beïnvloeden. Niet gebruiken wanneer u antidepressiva neemt. Niet gebruiken indien u aan een psychose lijdt of hiervoor aanleg heeft.

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Hello all,
I've recently bought an aya kit from this site. Still not sure about how to prepare. Can someone please advise me using the most dumbed-down language possible. I have two packets (MH- powder & PH - seeds). Boil the seeds with water & lemon (1 drink) and the powder in another (2nd drink) ????



Ayahuasca is very potent - I took it with my wife yesterday (it was my fourth time, her second) (9 grams MH + 3 gr PH each) and we were with Mother Aya for almost 5 hours. A very intense, cleansing experience.

We had a meal of steamed chicken with peppers and sweetcorn afterwards. NOM.

I recommend it for everyone who wishes to delve deeper into one`s own soul in search for peace and cleansing. I will stress that this is NOT a recreational drug - if you have any dark, unfinished things inside you, you can be certain to meet them. For someone unprepared this can become quite devastating.

Love and peace.



I actually feel healthier physically and emotionally after great ayahuasca...this is a wonderful medicine...


I have to say that this experience was the most intense trip of my entire life. There was no booklet in the box, so I had to look up the instructions, and I ended up using a method that I found on the internet for preparation, which involved boling both mixtures in water with lemon juice for approximately 30 minutes, and then first drinking the pink tea (MAOI) and 30 min. later drinking the green tea (DMT). At first I thought this method would not work because I felt nothing, but suddenly and powerfully, I felt the effects begin and increase for 2 hours. Maybe it was so intense because I drank the entire glass of each tea, but it certainly was uncontrollable. It is not the kind of trip you can really regulate. Once you begin to peak, you kind of have to succumb to the effects. I closed my eyes because I couldn't handle the room spinning so much, and I got some amazing closed-eye visuals. My whole body was paralyzed though and I felt the effects in every part of my body (not just seeing visuals). If you are someone who wants and extreme trip, this is perfect for you, but if you are like me and only occasionally partake, then this is probably too intense. I didn't like the fact that time moved so very slow, and at the end of 3 hours, it felt like I had been tripping for 3 days. I won't be doing this again because it is too deep of a trip that I can't regulate. Also, I don't know why anyone would think it tasted good; both teas smelled and tasted like bile, and I had to really try hard not to throw up the second one as I gagged on it. I can't say that I didn't prepare it correctly though becuase the effects were as strong as advertised. Maybe next time I'll try something less intense. I still like Shayanashop for their information, selection, and discretion. TAKE CARE WITH THIS FORMULA... IT IS VERY VERY STRONG, AND IT IS AN EXTREMELY LONG TRIP!


I was satisfied with the goods although there was no booklet containing any information. The root bark was very well ground and the seeds were okay.