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Mixed Seed Pack

Mix of Quality Cannabis seeds.
The Mix can contain any of these Following strains:

Sleestack/Sk1 X Haze/Sk1
KandyKush/Sk1 X Haze/Sk1
OG18/Sk1 X Haze/Sk1
Hindu Kush X Sk1
Hindu Kush/Sk1 X Sk1
Cal Orange/Sk1 X Haze/Sk1
Afgh 1 X Sk1
Skunk 1 X Sk1
NLA/Sk1 X Sk1
G13/Sk1 X Sk1
OTP/Sk1 X Sk1
OTR/Sk1 X Sk1
Original Haze X Original Haze
Original Haze/Sk1 X Haze/Sk1
Original Haze/Sk1 x HawaiianIndica7 X Haze/Sk1
Original Haze/Sk1 x Sk1 X Haze/Sk1
Original Haze/Sk1 x LP1 X Haze/Sk1
Import Afgh/Sk1 X Sk1

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