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Pure Power Plant is an f1 hybrid developed in the late 90’s from a South African strain and a fat indica from the U.S.A. The tremendous growth potential of this plant is a prime example of hybrid vigor. PPP is the latest trend among Dutch growers because of its high yields of the highest priced buds. Pure Power Plant has a pleasant; almost pine, after taste and a powerful social buzz.

• Plant Height: Medium; Indica/Sativa Mix
• Buzz Type: Stoney yet High; All-Around buzz
• T.H.C. Level: Strong; 15-20%
• Flowering Weeks: 8-10
• Yield (Dried grams per square meter in a Sea of Green): 400-500
• Harvest Month: Sept.-Oct.

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der Hammer, super stabile pflanze mit sehr vielen Seiten trieben. ideal geeignet für Steckling Zucht.
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