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Tripium is een indrukwekkende zegel reiniger en brengt je waterpijp in een staat van intense stimulatie zowel visueel als spiritueel. Een krachtige, geest verbrijzelende, psychedelische ervaring zoals Dr. Hoffman deze voor ogen had. Tripium wordt beschouwd als de nieuwe koning van de psychedelische waterpijp reiniger.


Reinigen produceert intense beelden en geeft een spirirueel euphorisch gevoel.


0,5 - 0,75 zegel
1 zegel
1,5 zegel


8 - 12 hours


ETH-LAD (100µg)


Niet geschikt voor menselijke consumptie.
Wij versturen dit product niet naar de volgende landen:
Sweden , Switzerland

Beoordelingen Tripium Mijn mening over dit product.


Dropped two on my bong, saw through one side and out the other. Very sparkly. Great visuals, and nice waves and cycles. Quick delivery aswell, really impressive. I was just hanging by my lonesome at my place, but I imagine with a good friend would also be good fun!


Well when I took Acid for the first time I thought it was going to be trippy, self exploring, controled and calm. Which is exactly what Tripium will do for you. Even though I can imagine it being a fun thing to do with friends, the first time you take it you should just chill alone.
Additionaly you should know that this stuff only works if you work it. By that I mean that I actually was sitting down and watching TV with my family and no one knew I was tripping my balls off. So you wont be an uncontrolable tripping mess.
I would give it an 8/10 because of lacking visuals (but that just might be me since other people have reported multiple stimulating visuals). All in all it will guide you on a voyage inside where you're the captain instead of the passenger.

Como sicodelico le doy un suspenso. Como estimulante si que va bien porque hace 16 horas que tome 1.5 cartones y no tengo sueño. Si buscas viaje este producto no es el ideal.


Tripium is really amazing, took a stamp last weekend, and i was reaaally impressed. Pound for pound it kicks acids ass. Visuals were amaazing, some of the most vivid and colourful closed eye visuals I’ve experienced, and the oev had a depth and texture to them that LSD doesn’t have. Music appreciation greatly enhanced, synaesthesiatic even. 4 of us who took it all said they’d choose it over LSD, and we do a lot of acid.

Woo...oh boy. Second time out it was fresh out the bag. I was unprepared! Ego shattered and reassambled for a few hours, had to get my mates to talk me up at the lowest points, but I was king of the FUCKING WORLD at the highest! I think fine for more experienced psychonauts, but if you're coming to it new, and you're taking very soon after delivery, start with one. Or wait a week for the potency to drop a touch...the first time I'd left if for a couple of weeks, and the difference was very noticable! Fantastic.

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