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Dinafem Feminized Moby Dick

Moby Dick Feminised Seeds, the strongest and most sativa dominant strain from Dinafem

Moby Dick Feminised
Moby Dick Feminised is the strain which sealed the reputation of Dinafem Seeds. This sativa dominant hybrid cross of Haze and White Widow delivers in excess of 22% THC coupled with high levels of psychoactive THCV present in equatorial sativa strains. The low CBD in Moby Dick accentuates and prolongs the intense high and it has been reported that the hunger and thirst that this strain can generate have proved very useful to those suffering with chemotherapy and anorexia.

Moby Dick loves both high light intensity and a high nutrient regime. Outdoors Dinafem recommend at least three meters between plants as these mould resistant plants can develop into monsters in the right conditions. About 2 in 3 plants will be the heavily sativa phenotype with longer flowering with the remaining third being slightly more indica with a faster flowering sequence. Expect a woody taste, pine aroma with the more indica inclined plants being noticeably sweeter.

Moby Dick Feminised specifics:
Cannabis genetics: Haze x White Widow
Type: Sativa dominant
Flowering: 9 - 10 weeks
Harvest: October outdoors northern hemisphere
Environment: Indoors, outdoors, greenhouse
THC: 21% plus

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