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Gekke vlekken op je bong? Geen paniek, deze inspirerende formule pakt je bong grondig aan en bezorgt je met zijn zachte werking een oogverblindend resultaat, zodat je in een perfect kalme gemoedsrust verkeert zoals nooit tevoren.

- Twee dosissen
- Bevat 2 C-D (50mg)


Niet geschikt voor menselijke consumptie.

Beoordelingen Iridium Deel je ervaring


yes these ones are realy nice I have never had such easy and positive cleaning experience like that,but I wouldnt recommended it to inexperienced smokers. (=


not deceiving product : very psychedelic but no drama at the end of the trip.
but not as sweet as reel lsd

AMAZING.. best cleaning i have ever had, only took one, and was seeing amazing visuals for about 2-3 hours.. really great!!


Wasn't expecting too much, popped one tablet around 15:30 Saturday afternoon, and holy crap! By 16:30 I was drowning in the most beautiful kaleidoscope of colors and swirls I've ever seen, better than philosopher stones by miles, will definetly order again.

Really working product! :) beatiful visuals, "timetravelling" and different feeling not bad. Everything was lighter and seemed like new and beatiful :D Lasted long over 3-4 hours and feeling and visuals were so nice that you didn't want it to go away :D Really great product :) will order again!


This product is really good. 2C-D will make music sound fantastic. It will make your thoughts deep. The visuals are very comfortable.

One warning though: I once drank a large glass of red wine, and I felt that it cancelled the effect of the pill. This may have been a one time occurrence, and it may just be me.

Fully recommended! Start out by taking one pill.

Actually, it turned out to be a very good pill.Just took a little bit longer[than expected] to take effects.And.....
yes,i will definitly order again from this pill. ;)


wow o wow what a very pleasent surprise!!! i popped two into my bong because i had just previously tried 4-fmp the week before and i wished i took two. within 25 mins i was tripping balls hardcore, absolutely best visuals better that any LSD or psylocibe shrooms, lets just say i was swimming on the hard wood floors!!! enjoy my freinds

My reflections and my perception of the world is différent, more fun enven if it's not a situation to laught situation. And wen i was on iridium the word became a sort of tribal game. But be careful, in this worls death is nothing and sometimes you feel realy powerful


I thought I knew this miserable world and that nothing more can amaze me!
Total bliss of creation! So amazing that our riduculous fear of dying is just the craziest thing you ever could imagine
I am speechless, at say WOW million times would not make it.

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