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Bud Factor X
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You’re looking for big, healthy hydroponics plants that give you the largest harvests of buds that are loaded with sugary essential oils.
And you’re glad to create sturdier, more robust plants that resist stress and support extensive floral growth.

Along with that, you are excited to see significant increases in your plants’ production of essential oils-- because these rare oils carry the flavor, aroma, potency, color and medicating effects that we most love about our buds.

Bloom boosters and a good base fertilizer are important, but it took until now for scientists to master the secrets of how you stimulate your plants to produce heavier harvests and higher percentages of essential oils.

What’s important for you is that scientists have made a new formula you use to stimulate your plant immune systems so they give you bigger plants, higher yields and more potent crops.

Let’s discuss together what this exciting breakthrough means for your gardening...

Your ticket to more essential oils and stronger, larger plants is for you to stimulate your plants’ inborn defense mechanisms using precision compounds that are now available for you in a proprietary easy to use liquid formulation.

These compounds activate internal defense “systemic resistance” mechanisms in your plants, making them stronger and bigger so they thrive despite heat, disease, stress, intense light and pest attack.

When you stimulate systemic resistance, your plants bulk up with as much as 50% more infrastructure, especially stems and stalks, prepping them for producing and handling larger flowers.

On top of that, it turns out that one of the ways systemic resistance armors your plants is by generating and secreting essential oils (most often in floral structures). It’s a form of plant self-protection.

So when you skillfully turn on your plants’ systemic resistance mechanisms using the right immune boost formula, your plants believe they are under attack and that means their vigor increases as they pump out more essential oils, a wider variety of oils, and more potent essential oils.

Please note: this process always results in heavier yields of finished buds that have more taste, aroma and effectiveness.

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