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Herbs Of The Gods Pack

Herbs Of The Gods Pack
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With the Herb of the Gods Pack you will be able to enjoy different sensations and states of mind. Amanita is one of the most used hallucinogenic in the world, with highly unpredictable effects. It will give you inner peace and mild hallucinations. The Cloud Herb gets you in euphoric state and, as said by some users, can enhance “close eye visions”. That is why this herb is still used by the modern Huichol Indians in their religious rituals. The Blue Lotus was used by ancient Egyptians as a medicin and ritual herb. With a mild sedative effect, the Blue Lotus as also been said to improve sexuality.


The Amanita is to be respected so, be aware of the quantities that you take. For a mild trip take 5 grams mixed with water. You can also boil it for one hour in low fire and drink it with or without the pulp. Drink half of the liquid and wait for the effects, then if you want to prolong the trip or make it more intense, drink the rest.
The cloud herb you can smoke mixed with tobacco/alternative smoking mix (one to one mix), or drink it as tea.
The blue lotus should be drink as tea, 1 to 5 gram per person. You can also mix 5 gr with a bottle of wine and leave it sitting for at least one hour before drinking.



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