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Alcohol, recreational drugs, nicotine, stress and also polluted air, produce toxins and noxious substances, such as free radicals that damage the body. Afterparty antioxidant has been specially formulated using a balance of products consisting of the best quality antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids and herb extracts. Afterparty antioxidant offers the body the best protection against the damaging effect of toxins. It protects the natural body reserves and helps to provide an optimal recovery.This is an excellent product for people who are health conscious. Each Afterparty capsule (640 mg) consists of: ascorbic acid 100 mg, n-acetyl cysteine 100 mg, 102Avicel 50 mg, milk thistle (80%) 50 mg, choline-bitartrate 50 mg, taurine 50 mg, L-cystine hcl 50 mg, fever few hi potency (0.7%) extract 50 mg, inositol 50 mg, DMAE-bitartrate 50 mg, tocopherolsuccinate 20 mg, ascorbyl palminate 20 mg.


For best results take this preparation daily as a supplement to your diet. When going out partying, take 2 capsules before and two directly after; also take two capsules the following morning with your breakfast. Daily: Take one capsule three times a day with meals

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