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Setting the Bar for Ephedra-Free Fat Burners

Xtreme Formulation’s Chizled was created for those seeking a high-potency fat loss formula that does not incorporate ephedrine or ephedra alkaloids. Chizled’s synergistic blend of ingredients accelerates fat burning beyond what’s possible with diet and exercise alone, enhances mental alertness, and conquers horrible food cravings—all without Ephedra!

Chizled is a unique thermogenic comprise


Yohimbine - Yohimbine is an alpha 2 antagonist that mobilizes stored Free Fatty Acids (FFAs) via increases in blood flow to adipose tissue. Yohimbine enhances the transportation of fat away from adipose stores, and increases the rate at which that fat is burned for fuel. Additionally, due to Yohimbine’s mechanisms of action, it is highly effective at reducing the stubborn fat found in a man’s midsection or a woman’s lower body. As if this was not enough, Yohimbine is also an appetite suppressant—not only is it helping to burn fat, it’s doing so while helping to keep your hunger at bay.

Octopamine - Octopamine is a Beta 3 agonist that increases Norepinephrine release while also enhancing insulin sensitivity, preferentially directing glucose into muscle tissue—definitely a beneficial quality for those looking to reduce bodyfat without compromising lean body mass. This makes Octopamine directly lipolytic and mildly anti-catabolic. Or to put it more simply: Octopamine burns fat while preserving muscle. And


Green Tea - Green Tea inhibits COMT, enhances thermogenesis, and inhibits Fatty Acid synthesis; Green Tea is also a potent appetite suppressant. Perhaps most important, Green Tea is similar to Octopamine in that its effects are imparted with very few side effects; increases in heart rate, insomnia and increased blood pressure (to name a few) are not an issue with Green Tea. It has even been proposed to reduce the ease with which dietary fat can be digested, highlighting yet another way in which it’s excellent for fat reduction.

Gugglesterones Z&E - Gugglesterones Z&E activate fat loss enzymes that safely increase T3 (a thyroid hormone) levels. An increase in thyroid levels—and specifically T3— amplifies metabolic rate, thereby promoting fat loss and retarding fat gain during periods of overeating. Typically when dieting, T3 levels plummet which brings fat loss to a halt; with the addition of Gugglesterones, this problem has been solved. T3 levels remain high, and fat loss continues at fast rates. And, u

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