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Grandma Enggy's Humic Acid

Grandma Enggy's Humic Acid
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For over 80 years Grandma Enggy's family has used their own special Humic Acid. This Extra Pure Humic Acid recipe has been one of the family's most guarded secrets for growing award winning flowers and vegetables. Grandma Enggy's Extra Pure Humic Acid increases soil's water holding ability, improves soil workability, promotes conversion of a number of elements into forms available for plant growth, promotes extremely high ion exchange capabilities, increases buffering, increases seed germination, increases vitamin content of plant, stimulates horizontal root growth and stimulates plant enzymes. Extra Pure Humic Acid is rich in mineral substances essential to plant growth and also acts as an organic catalyst. Now your gardens can benefit from Grandma Enggy's years of persistence and toil. A little bit of Grandma's heart and soul has gone into every bottle of her Extra Pure Humic Acid, Golden Honey Fulvic Acid and Sensational Seaweed Extract.
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