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Advanced Nutrients uses the best of nature and science. We work with eminent plant scientist Dr. Paul Hornby, whose dedication to plant health is unequalled.

Dr. Hornby spent years creating his series of powerful products that harness nature and science for your benefit. One of these products is Piranha Beneficial Fungi, which assists plants by improving their root zone. Piranha is also very useful as a foliar spray.

Piranha contains 26 types of beneficial fungi, including eight species of trichoderma and 18 species of ectomycorrhizal and endomycorrizhal fungi. Drawing on thousands of studies that detail the importance of mycorrhizal fungi, Dr. Hornby's further research found that such fungi exrete powerful chemicals that dissolve nutrients, absorb water, and promote soil porousity. Such actions greatly assist the development of root mass, nutrient absorption, and water absorption, via the symbiotic relationship between the plant, its roots, and the fungi.

In nature, the beneficial fungi found in Piranha contribute to healthy soil and plants that are able to resist drought, stress, and other problems that deter plant growth. Dr. Hornby's studies and field tests prove Piranha helps plants establish fruits and flowers faster, in greater abundance, and with increased yield, especially used in conjunction with Dr. Hornby's Voodoo Juice, which contains specialized beneficial bacteria, Piranha gives your plants a natural advantage not often found in modern growing situations, especially when growers are working indoors.

Try Piranha today. Your plants will thank you!

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