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Bulls Eye - Dutch Orange Vapes

Bulls Eye - Dutch Orange Vapes
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BullsEye_DO_Vape_10ml_3Bottles.jpg Bulls Eye - Dutch Orange Vapes BullsEye_Dutch_Orange_Vapes.jpg Bulls Eye - Dutch Orange Vapes Puff_DutchOrange_BullsEye.jpg Bulls Eye - Dutch Orange Vapes
Introducing the new wave of intense liquid blends with strong effects and amazing flavours. Dutch Orange Vapes provides the ultimate vaping experience featuring a unique combination of cannabinoid effects that Dutch Orange is famous for, with the flavour profiles of therapeutic cannabis terpenes that will delight your taste buds as much as they will blow your mind!

Sure, we all want to be chilled out, but life moves fast and sometimes we need some energy. Imagine the kick of a Red Bull style energy drink combined with the gentle calming of cannabis. Dutch Orange's Bulls Eye vape juice provides an eye-opening blast of energy, along with a soothing feeling of relaxation.


Active ingredient works best vaporized above 195°C. Highly recommended for experienced Dutch Orange lovers, this INTENSE liquid blend will send you into a higher state of consciousness with its glorious potency and extended duration.


Vaping has an early onset compared to herbal blends, allowing for more control of the effects. Start with lower doses until you find your comfort zone.


Dutch Orange Vapes consists of a unique formula of cannabinoids and naturally occurring terpenes derived from the cannabis plant.


Niet geschikt voor menselijke consumptie. Caution: it is strongly advised to avoid mixing substances, as it may have a negative or possibly harmful effect on your experience. Dit product is niet geschikt voor jongeren t/m 18 jaar. Raadpleeg voor gebruik uw dokter indien u zwanger bent, borstvoeding geeft of medicijnen gebruikt. Aanbevolen dosering niet overschrijden. Niet gebruiken in combinatie met alcohol. Overmatig gebruik kan de rijvaardigheid beïnvloeden. Niet gebruiken wanneer u antidepressiva neemt. Niet gebruiken indien u aan een psychose lijdt of hiervoor aanleg heeft. Gezondheid Disclaimer
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Austria , Germany , Norway , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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