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T.H.Seeds Kal-X

T.H.Seeds Kal-X
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3rd place hash in 1995 Cannabis Cup
Resin, resin, resin - that is the goal here. T.H crossed the best hash producers together, and guess what ? It made Kal - X, a resin-encrusted plant that makes great hash, with very dense buds, thick and slow burning. This plant does surprisingly well outdoors, even finishing in the rough outdoors of Holland (mid Oct.) With it's short, wide structure, be sure to clip the lowest branches off to help the plant focus it's energy on the main buds.
Plant type: mostly Indica
Genetics: crossed breed from the best T.H hash producers
Flowering time: 60 days.
Height: 120 - 140 cm
Yield: 300 - 350 gr/sm

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