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Iron Man V Formula

This fast acting, time-tested pill helps direct blood flow to crucial areas to help you get and maintain sturdy, long-lasting erections, when all the conditions are just right.

• Boost Sex Performance
• Get Hard, Stay Hard
• Achieve Full Potential
• Shayana-certified quality for peace of mind


This little yet powerful erection-enhancing pill is packed with hours of sexual energy.


As with pharmaceuticals, simply take 1 pill with a full glass of water 30 to 40 minutes before lovemaking.

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Yep... this realy works. So much I don't believe its just herbs and stuff, I think it's plain old Sildenafil Citrate. Makes sense they call it Vman and don't boost about the contents... if they advertised it to be Viagra/Sildenafil, it would be illegal! So, hurray for V-man instead!