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More dance, better sex
For long, hot nights filled with passion.

It contains extracts of yohimbe bark and ma huang. It also contains ascorbic acid, which was added to increase and improve the effects of yohimbe. The extract of yohimbe bark is the most important ingredient. It is taken from the African yohimbe trees. Several West African tribes use the yohimbe bark as a holy sacrament for weddings and other rituals.

Yohimbine, the active ingredient of the bark, is one of the most popular aphrodisiacs in the world. Yohimbine, or medicine on a yohimbine base, are often prescribed as a remedy for impotence, but even the more 'potent' among us will feel how it fuels their sexual pleasure with extra sparks. For man it can extend the erection(s). Several men and women have reported that yohimbe increases their orgasms in number and/or intensity. We combined this potent aphrodisiac with ma huang to double the pleasure and to increase your stamina.


Horn-E® will give you a warm sensations that flow trough the body and find their way to your body's extremes until you shiver with pleasure. It intensifies every touch or stroke.


One dose equals 2 to 4 capsules, depending on how sensitive you are to the substance. The maximum dose is 6 tablets. If you take a small dose of Horn-E® (1 or 2 tablets) during two days and you take a large dose of two to 4 (max. 6) on the third day you will obtain the maximum effect.


People who have a kidney a heart condition, hypothyroidism, high blood pressure or labored ventilation, and women who are pregnant or lactating should not take this product.
Horn-E® inhibits theMAO -enzyme; do not combine with otherMAO -inhibitors prescription drugs, narcotics, amphetamines or other stimulants or with tyramine containing foods.
Do not combine with excessive alcohol consumption. People who are sensitive to caffeine and/or ma huang should not take this product.
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Germany , Norway , Switzerland

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