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Male Pheromones

Male Pheromones
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Cobeco Male Pheromones – Eau de Toilette Spray 14ml is a powerful yet undetectable fragrance to attract women

Finally a product that will help you beat shyness or any other uncomfortable feeling you have when approaching the opposite sex.
Pheromones stimulate the natural desire, enhance the sensuality and contribute to a positive mood.
We cannot see pheromones but they exist as natural erotic aromas which have a psychological arousing effect. Body scent subconsciously attracts as to a man or woman. Cobeco Pheromones recreate that odor which allows you to attract members of the opposite sex.
Men are considered to have a musky odor, while women spread more sweet and delicate scent.

Instructions: spray on as you would spray any cologne
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Germany , Norway , Switzerland

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