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Nepal Temple Ball

Alchemist Gold presenteert de legendarisch Nepal Temple Ball, bedoeld voor de hedendaagse kenners van kwaliteits wierook.

Dit product, dat in de voetsporen treedt van de vermaarde Temple ball, is een kneedbaar olieachtig product dat je in kleine worstjes kan rollen om er vervolgens optimaal van te genieten, met de wetenschap dat je een hoogwaardig product krijgt. De Nepal Temple Ball werd ontwikkeld voor ervaren liefhebbers.

Je wordt er ontspannen en goedgeluimd van. Kortom, een positieve ervaring die je steeds opnieuw zal willen beleven.

Beoordelingen Nepal Temple Ball Mijn mening over dit product.



Realy good stuff, it is as good as the Barium Brick but comes in a ball shape Brick (which makes it hard to cut off a little peace). I did it in the Bong and it almost melted my brain. But put in a joint its super effective and does stuff to your brain I can not realy discribe in words. It has a moldy taste. But all in all realy good stuff.


Fin de la première boulette et vraiment très surpris l effet est la avec un high très présent des les premières barres à part l'odeur qui ressemble un peu à l afghan il n'y a que du positif, à recommander


The best hash I have ever smoked, but really expensive
why is it so expensive?why isn't the any option on buying more grams?each time I have to but 2 grams and pay 27eu,which is a lot.


''ugh... dude... i'm blitzed outta ma' mind''

Basically, again, great product. absolutely loved it. the only thing that threw me off was the smell of the product (weird, tibetan herbal type crap).

but. OH.. MY.. GOD this is the bees knees, the cats pyjamas, the dogs dangles, the syrup on pancakes and the kisses of spring.

it provides a realistic baked sensation with i sort of internal warmed brain massage. you get the munchies a motherf****r, super chilled, giggles. basically the works.
plus it won't Stank up the room either hidden away or puffin away. HIGHly recommend


Very good stuff, arrived in 8 days. For regular consumers its a nice choice. Strong and relaxing, more individual trip even in group.